Congratulations to Roland San Nicolas, 91.

Below are the answers:

1) what year did the alumni summer basketball tournament begin?    1985
2) name the two (2) individuals responsible for starting the alumni tournament?    Dr. Andrew Eusebio 74 and Francis Santos 75
3) the FD alumni basketball tournament started as a double elimination type tourney.  Which class was the first to introduce “pool play” as the norm for the tourney?     2000 (host was 1990). in 1999, the host class of 89 still used the double elimination format. they unintentionally made 93 play 91, and then 96 on the same day. on the first day of they tournament, after a total of 5 games were played, 93 was out. majority of the other classes did not even play their first game. this speaker discussion about the number of games being equal for all paying classes.
4) which class has won the most alumni basketball tournaments?    1982 – 7 championships
5) complete this sentence…”_ _ sucks!”    95