FDMSAA 2017 Masters Basketball Tournament

Always happening!  Always good!  Come on down to the Jungle and support your favorite player or Team.

Strong in the faith

Congratulations to our new Alumni brothers!



Eddie Pelkey

Class of 1996


Jerick Cruz

Class of 2012


Jesse Camacho

Class of 2013


Joe Mateo

Class of 2008


Peter Roy Martinez

Class of 1965

Presidents Message

Welcome to the Father Duenas Alumni Association website! Over the years, FDMS has continued to expand its efforts in reconnecting with alumni from all decades. We now have over 4000+ alumni in all corners of the globe and working in every type of profession imaginable. We are very proud of all our alumni.

The purpose of our Alumni Association is to help support the School’s mission by connecting with and engaging alumni through communications, fundraisers, and sporting events. Our Alumni Association hosts many signature annual events including Masters Basketball League, Legacy Golf Tourney, Summer Basketball Tourney, The Gala Event, and 5K Run. This month the Masters Basketball Tournament has 16 entries this year. Although we have many accomplishments we still have the potential to do so much more.

Some of the goals of this new administration are to publish its financials so that all alumni are able to see where their donations go. Transparency is our motto. We established a sports committee to engaged more alumni in being part of the FDMSAA and offer their ideas on how to make it better. We only just begun the hard work and I thank each and everyone for their support.

The spirit of Father Duenas is alive and connects all of us in a very special way through our most unique brotherhood. I hope you will use this website as a means to keep that brotherhood connection current for all alumni no matter where life takes you. Please re-visit this site as often for updates on alumni news and events.

Fortes in Fide!!!!