Attached is the FINAL update of the schedule and ladder. Tonight is CHAMPIONSHIP night! Congrats to 2006 and 2002/2004 for making it to the big game. Few things to discuss:

1) Fire Code: as we all know, tonight is the most heavily attended night of the tournament. We need to keep the entrances free and clear. It is imperative that EVERYONE stays away from the doors and finds a seat on the bleachers, pews, your own chairs, etc. Do not congregate at the doorways. If we have to, we will deny entry at a certain time.

2) UNDERAGE DRINKING: the drinking age is 21. no one under the age of 21 is allowed to drink any type of alcoholic beverages during the tournament. We will be checking IDs at the door. Anyone under the age of 21 MUST be marked on the back of their hand by the “door police.”
* IF you refuse to show an ID or you refuse to have your hand marked, you will NOT be allowed to the enter the gym…period!
* If you you have a mark showing your are under 21 and you are consuming an alcoholic beverage, you will be removed from the gym…period!
* If you are condoning the drinking of minors, you will be removed from the gym…period!

In the 33-year existence of this tournament, we have had ZERO incidents. I will NOT have one tonight, my final one as Sports Chair. My contributions will NOT be stained by the actions of ignorant individuals. Don’t believe me…try me! You’re welcome.

3) Doors by food and AD7 banner will remain closed: I understand the 80’s guys like to congregate near the doorway by the AD7 banner. That stays closed until someone accepts responsibility to man the entry way. And by manning, I mean sending everyone through the main entrance…period. No, I’m not joking. You’re welcome.

4) Half court shot for a car: at halftime of the championship game, we will be raffling off a chance for someone to shoot and and win a car. Tickets to enter are $10 and can be purchased at the 2007 table near the main entrance. A big thanks to Triple J for their generosity.

5) FD GALA Dinner at Hyatt: if you have not done so yet, the FD gala dinner is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, 15 July at the Hyatt. Tickets are $100 per person or $800 for a table of 10. Jim Whitt will be at the game tonight with his sign. Find him and buy your tickets. The class of 96 will be there! Checks need to be payable to “Father Duenas Endowment Fund.”

6) FDAA officers: congrats to our new FDAA Officers:
Gerard Bautista 84 – President
Duane Sablan 05 – VP
Dean Manglona 01 – Sexytary
Joe Mateo 08 – Treasurer


This is my last email as Sports Chair. I would like to thank all of you, my brothers, for your support and ignorance the past 11 years. Even when it became nearly impossible to deal with you or your class, I found a way to get it done. I would especially like to thank Frank Arriola 79 for giving me this headache, and Dr. Andrew Eusebio 74 for never letting me quit, although I tried many times. I still may have had some hair had I not taken this responsibility. To the next guy who does this…GOOD…FECKIN…LUCK!

See you all tonight. Fortes in Fide and…95 sucks!