FDAA Basketball_schedule_PLAYOFFS_FINAL_7-11-17

We are down to the final 2 days of the tournament. Semi-finals are set. Please see attached schedule.

FDAA elections of officers is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30pm at the Jungle. Beverages and light food will be available. Further note that in order to vote you MUST:

1) have graduated from FDMS OR
2) attended FDMS for two (2) FULL years OR
3) been declared an honorary alumni

This is the eligibility as stated in the articles of incorporation of the FDAA. WE MUST MAINTAIN THE INTEGRITY OF THE ORGANIZATION! I understand that there are folks out there who disagree with these eligibility requirements. The election is NOT the forum to voice it. Once the election is complete, and the officers are in place, you can take it up to your class to have your voice heard. Thus, those individuals NOT meeting the eligibility requirements as stated above are welcome to attend, but CANNOT vote in the election. Please respect the organization and the process. Thank you.

One last thing about the election: in order to run for office, you also MUST meet the eligibility as stated previously, i.e. diploma, 2 full years or honorary. Thanks.

outgoing Sports Chair
2 more days..