ALUMNI: The 1st FD Alumni Bowling League starts on Wednesday January 10th, 2017 and will continue for 8 weeks

  • The entrance fee is $100/team.
  • Each team is also responsible for paying its bowling fees each week.
    • Games are $3.50 and rental of bowls or shoes is $1.
  • The matches will consist of three games each and teams must have at least 5 bowlers.
    • You can have more and rotate in and out for each of the games.
  • SHOW TIME is 6:00, Go-Time is 6:30.


The following teams reserved spots and will have until Friday, January 5th to pay their entrance fee to either Gerard, Zach Damian, or myself.

  1. Class of 1965
  2. Class of 1976
  3. Class of 1979
  4. Class of 1984
  5. Class of 1985
  6. Class of 1989
  7. Class of 1995
  8. Class of 2009


* We are limited to 8 teams because of lane availability. Please see the reps of these teams if you wish to join them. We are using the one year attendance rule for this league this year. All bowlers must have attended FD at least one year. Or be an Honorary Alumni recognized by the school administration.

Please text me with any questions. We have not determined how handicaps will be compiled and whether they will be used.

Thank you!

mike bordallo