Just a reminder about 2007’s final fundraiser tonight at the Venue, 6-10pm. The schedule will be released, hard copy. I personally won’t be there until 8pm, in case you want to vent, cry, bitch, moan and complain. Just be sure to buy me a beer when you do and bring your own towel. . Otherwise, I won’t listen.


Some of our wiser classes requested late starts to pool play. I did my best, but with playoffs starting on July 5th, its kind of hard to squeeze 4 games in after July 3rd, if you know what I mean.

I apologize in advance to some classes that have to play back to back. Basically, an older class had a request…you know how this works.

Other than that, see you tonight at the fundraiser.

Lastly, the class of 2010 also has a fundraiser at Cowboy Ninja tomorrow night.