It’s almost time! The 2017 FDAA Basketball Tournament, hosted by the class of 2007 (with help from their little brothers of 2017), tips off tomorrow night with some exciting games! Attached is the OFFICIAL schedule, which will be posted throughout the gym. Note the schedule reflecting the date of 22 June 2017 is the latest version.

Please note that there are a few changes from the schedule that was passed around at the fundraiser. Classes affected are: 65, 96/97, 99/01/03, 98/00, 2012 and 2013. Peruse at your leisure and let me know if any problems. My apologies in advance for the changes.

Don’t forget to contact Jude or another 07 boy to schedule a day to host. Like I say every year…if you are a class that has yet to celebrate your 10-year reunion, I highly suggest you host a night for food. That way, when your time comes around to host, those classes will pay it back to you.

To all other classes, don’t be cheap fuckas! Help them out as well.

Looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow night! Let the games begin!! Fortes in Fide!!!