Wow what a first week in Masters play at FD’s Jungle! We were all excited as this may be the beginning of something good and something big. Play opened up Sunday October 1 st with all games being very competitive as all games really went down to the wire. I like to say it was hot but that not the case as they were lots of fans (get it). Nevertheless here are the results of the day-1 action.

430 vs 98-00
The game started off close with each team trading baskets but at the end 430 came through with a final score of 63-52 with Alvin “The General” Alvarez dropping a game high 17 points as has hitting on all

96/97 vs 99/01
Second match of the day featured the above with 96-97 just getting by 56-52. It was Doc Luis “Downtown” Cruz being the leading scorer as all his points came off three pointers and finishing with game high 18 points.

2005 vs Masters Manhoben
First game of the night that featured outside team. What a game as the story here was not that Manhoben won a close game the whole night but more so that Duane “Cant touch me” Sablan was hot, hot, hot. He finished with a game high 28 points as was hitting anything and everything. Can you say MVP. Oh yeah the final score was 58-51.

Sanchez vs Inarajan
Sanchez was just too much as they took it to the Hawks final score 82-54. Pat Carlos was high man with 15 points.

2006 vs 2007
Forfeit as 06 failed to suit a full team.