I have a few Electric Island Festival (EIF) Tickets to give away, courtesy of our 2002 brother, Jia Wang. I will be giving away some on opening night through various “shoot-outs”, however, I would like to give you an opportunity to win some now.

I will give 2 tickets away to the individual that can answer all 5 questions below:

1) what year did the alumni summer basketball tournament begin?
2) name the two (2) individuals responsible for starting the alumni tournament?
3) the FD alumni basketball tournament started as a double elimination type tourney. Which class was the first to introduce “pool play” as the norm for the tourney?
4) which class has won the most alumni basketball tournaments?
5) complete this sentence…”_ _ sucks!”

The first person to reply ONLY TO ME (or contact me via other means) with ALL the correct answers wins the tickets. Suggest you share with your classmates and start your research. Good luck!