Congratulations to 2008/2015 “Masterbatters” on your well-earned Championship!!!!

I just want say THANK YOU to all the classes, alumni, and families that supported another successful year of softball. Special thanks go out to Eddie Pelkey, Cory Paulino, Bert, and Hurado? (sorry if I spelled that wrong but everyone knows who I’m talking for) for administering and maintaining the whole tournament. There were a lot of “GREAT GAMES” but more importantly the “BROTHERHOOD” continues to grow and remain STRONG……. I am honored to share the same field with all of you!!!

I am also looking to continue entering a team for the brotherhood in upcoming leagues and tournaments for the rest of the year to help those that want to improve their game and/or to remain a seasoned ball-player. Please let me know if you are interested.

Next year I am looking at bringing an All Star cast of Alumni players 40yrs and Over to the World Senior Softball Championships in Las Vegas, with that being said I will be scouting and evaluating players to send invites to tryouts after the Alumni tournament.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that “TEAM J.U.G.” will return as CHAMPIONS NEXT YEAR!!!!!



Da Prez 85